Wednesday, July 23, 2008

" keep ur promise "

promise ...easily being made but hard to fulfill. But sometimes the promise that being made had growth feeling of trust n secure .its hurt badly when it broken .
But we not angel n cant undo all the action tht had being done . its the art on how we fix n setel it .

  1. just explain the true and appologize ...but how , if she/he dun want pick up phne n reply sms ....maybe she / he need time for her/himself .
  2. most of girls love this : guys if ur girls angry with u , just buy her flower n gave attention to her . but girl if guys are merajuk just leave him alone . . hu hu hu ..sory guys smetimes u ll to cmplex
  3. sincerity n trusty : 2 things tht important in relationship. Just practic it n ur safe .

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