Wednesday, July 23, 2008

" keep ur promise "

promise ...easily being made but hard to fulfill. But sometimes the promise that being made had growth feeling of trust n secure .its hurt badly when it broken .
But we not angel n cant undo all the action tht had being done . its the art on how we fix n setel it .

  1. just explain the true and appologize ...but how , if she/he dun want pick up phne n reply sms ....maybe she / he need time for her/himself .
  2. most of girls love this : guys if ur girls angry with u , just buy her flower n gave attention to her . but girl if guys are merajuk just leave him alone . . hu hu hu ..sory guys smetimes u ll to cmplex
  3. sincerity n trusty : 2 things tht important in relationship. Just practic it n ur safe .

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pulau angsa

"Pulau , exist ke pulau tu " tht my first impression bile dengar name pulau tu ...Then kan kna pi pulau tu ..ada lawatan rasmi sikit ..he he he .Bile boss offer jer nak pi ..yeh yeh termakbul juga nak pi tgk pulau tu ...cantik tau see gambar pulau ni .

Pulau ni , kat daerah kuala selangor , n speselnyer bout pulau ni kan rumah api dia. Pulau ni juga tempat mencerap hilal , hilal tu anak bulan tau ..means nak mendertemined time bile nak raya ...hooray .Kat slangor ni kalo x silap , ada 3 tempat mencerap hilal . satu kat bukit melawati , satu lagi pulau angsa n satu lagi kat banting atas bukit dekat kubur ....he he he . x la creepy sangat tempat tu . jadi bile dapat pi pulau angsa lengkaplah travel i pi kesemua tiga tmpat mencerap hilal tu ....

pulau ni best kalo nk diving atau pun mancing ...sayangnyer pi sehari je . nak wat cam ner . . . datang wat keje . . banyak gak pict yang cantik macam pulau2 d sekitar situ ...u all tau tak , first time i tgk bangau alive ...he he he ..banyak pulak tu ...xcited gile , just tgk bangau je ...
tht time , realise . . indahnya ciptaan tuhan . . nature memang cantik la . .

just married : Iema n Syerwan

Tahniah...tahniah for iema n syerwan ..kahwin gak korang ek .air laut pasang surut ...korang tsunami terus ..whateverpun tahniah.... for syerwan : take cre my bestfren bebaik or not ....he he he .

cantik btul iema malam tu kan...korang tengok pict msti agree ngan my opinion . phew macam nak kahwin plak rasenyer ahaks .

kisah cinta diorg ni unik tau...kitaorg dulu classmate , i sitting between iema n syerwan tu ... keje diorg ni bergaduh setiap hari ...iema , girl paling jd rebutan kat skool at that time n syerwan ...bapak setan pun nangis tengok dia ..surrender .i pulak budak baik spanjang masa...he he he ..then bila abis skool .. bawalah diri ke haluan memasing ..tetau kan , raya tahun depan tu diorg dah kapel...kitaorg 1 skool terkejut gile pasal hal nie . mmg x sangka langsung ....then diorang happily ever after .......

phew kalo idup tu macam cite cinderella kan senang , mestilah tak ..ada gak badai tsunami melanda ...sorry guys ...lama gak diorag putus ...then agaknya memasing x dapat lupekan diri memasing ..diorg kapel balik n for this time dirang nak kahwin...tapi mestilah ada selit sikit citer ibu mentuaku kan ...
ala kassim .....jeng jeng jeng ..halangan keluarga ..then cite tu senyap je ..

Masa tu pun i cnfuse gak ..pelah status bebudak 2 orang nie..Tau-tau one day iema call n ajak pi makan kat umah dia ... tak asking la dia kan makan buat ape sbb dah slalu hang out kat situ msti makan-makan la...tetiba macam ramai orang ... u all tau tak i pakai baju ape...tracksuit + t shirt ngan sliper jepun ...cun gile mase tu lagi , buat muke slamba then pinjam baju dia .
ha ha ha ..dia btunang tht days rupenyer ...dia cakap nak buat surprise ..memg tergolek katak la surprise dia....

panjang tul citer diorg nie kan ...then nak pendekkan last saturday tulah big day diorg ...tapi ...jeng jeng jeng ...huh i forget again lo ..sbb x masuk diary he he he pi la kuar kan pagi -hingga petang sabtu tu ...n dapatlah panggilan telefon dari iema ...." hi , sbuk sangat ke sampai aku kahwin pun x datang "
pastu campur effect dia menangis ...huwa lagi , i menjadi mnusia paling panic di dunia tht time tu....rushing le balik umah ...then tukar baju ngan muka paling sememeh masa kawan n pi ..tau tau dah bersanding kawan tu ....he he he selamat dah ...
anyway for u guys , slamat pengantin baru lupe plak honeymoon kat ner ?
wish u all the best ...

Friend and lover Scandal

1.mmmm.....................think again bout ur relationship , if u think its value for being defences , so do it ...but if not , dont waste ur time for begging the love that actually not yours .
2. well , sometime u may think that there is no justices in this world anymore ...u may ask urself , why me ? why this thing could happens to me ....., u may felt down and depress and think that u are alone ..........even for some condition u may commit suicide.
GIRLS , think again ...this world is so beutiful and there so many that you not reach, felt ,see or whatever yet . ... don't you wanna go outside and and feel by yourself . ..u will gain more sweet experience, meeting something or SOMEONE that u cannot predict ......Trust me .reading and surfing will help u to reduce the pain .......
3.believe whatever happens in myself is being destined by GOD and there is HIKMAH behind that ......Trust me . at first u may cannot accept both of the person (ur beloved n ur friend ) later on u will feel thankful that u know earlier bout the scandal .Just imagine this .....both of them is being create for each other and ur not ....So dont felt bother at all. If HE can do it at you , so its not imposible that he also will do the same thing to your friend .
3. i recommended if u not involve with more serious relationship or in easy word ....MARRIED .Just leave that person . . . ur not married yet and there is the big problem in your relationship that for me too hurts , and i dont think that u can holding the risk for being the widow ...but if you married , think the risk that u will faced later on if he wil became same person . If he said that he will change and shown some good behaviour , test him first . Asking the older opinion may help.
4. Involve with the new environment, Just do it ........the thing that u not imagine before , skating , hiking , playing sport , traveling ,meeting new friend , involve with NGO , anything but not just sitting in the room....and crying for the whole day . It waste ur tears girls and the thing that ur crying it not worth for u.
5. mostly of the girls that involve with love or felt that love is on air not love their body (its that ok if i said that - sorry if ur hurts for hearing this ) . especially for muslims girls ,When their fall in love their think that the man will marry them so if them ask their "precious thing " they just gave that away ....GIRL wake up . . . if something bad happens , where u will put urself . One of my roomate junior asking my roomate whether she do more that holding hand and with her intonasion like they doing more than holding hand (U know what i mean , right ), u know what my roomate answer " what , holding hand? ive never holding hand with my bofriend , its sins " the person who asking with no expression in her faces and said " really , mmmm...." _ SO moral of the story " GIRL PREPARE YOURSELF , LOVE IS PURE BUT NOT THE HUMAN
4. U live for GOD
5.whatever pun , friend is still friend. . . .try to read " my best friend girl " . it just inspired me ......i dont think that u want to show to other that u re so menyedihkan . So show the real you . : )
4. May u will read this and saying that , im just CAKAP JER PANDAI CUBE KENA KAT BATANG HIDUNG , either im really experience it or not , that not important thing but how overcome this problem
k hve nice day :)_

involving with married man

1.Ask yourself , whether u are ready with that kind of relationship . If yes , stop with ur reading and go . but if yes , better you read this guide .The decision is in your hand , what ever others people saying but how bad or good that relationship , u still will with him.
2.Investigate him , in all aspect , finacial especially(sometimes i felt that im materialistics , haiya ) thus because if he married with u , did he really can responsible to you and her first wife . But whatever , if u in love right now you will ingnoring this statement .
3. Think like this , what happend if u are in her first wife places . What are u feeling when your husband are asking to married again to the woman that younger from you .What will happens to you and your daugther / son in future . And yet just imagine that you were fulltime housewife .
4. once u marry to them , u will burden with responsibility as a mother . Did u ready for that ? if yes , its goods , Caiyok . Because when u married him you also married with his family . Don't ever forget that responsibility . U must raise them like your own son/daughter .
5.mmmm...once he can married u and leave her wife behind , its not imposible that he can do the same to you . If he can have second , he also can have the third and the forth : )
6. A lot of the excuse that can given by the man when we as a woman want the commitment . Some say that wait until the right moment for him divorce , but without u realise ur wasting ur times. Ive got a frien who waiting his boyfriend (married man ) for over 7 years . and lastly he still not marry my friend .
have a nice days : )

Friday, July 18, 2008


sakura ...yeh yeh ..when ar i can go to japan ...