Monday, July 21, 2008

Friend and lover Scandal

1.mmmm.....................think again bout ur relationship , if u think its value for being defences , so do it ...but if not , dont waste ur time for begging the love that actually not yours .
2. well , sometime u may think that there is no justices in this world anymore ...u may ask urself , why me ? why this thing could happens to me ....., u may felt down and depress and think that u are alone ..........even for some condition u may commit suicide.
GIRLS , think again ...this world is so beutiful and there so many that you not reach, felt ,see or whatever yet . ... don't you wanna go outside and and feel by yourself . ..u will gain more sweet experience, meeting something or SOMEONE that u cannot predict ......Trust me .reading and surfing will help u to reduce the pain .......
3.believe whatever happens in myself is being destined by GOD and there is HIKMAH behind that ......Trust me . at first u may cannot accept both of the person (ur beloved n ur friend ) later on u will feel thankful that u know earlier bout the scandal .Just imagine this .....both of them is being create for each other and ur not ....So dont felt bother at all. If HE can do it at you , so its not imposible that he also will do the same thing to your friend .
3. i recommended if u not involve with more serious relationship or in easy word ....MARRIED .Just leave that person . . . ur not married yet and there is the big problem in your relationship that for me too hurts , and i dont think that u can holding the risk for being the widow ...but if you married , think the risk that u will faced later on if he wil became same person . If he said that he will change and shown some good behaviour , test him first . Asking the older opinion may help.
4. Involve with the new environment, Just do it ........the thing that u not imagine before , skating , hiking , playing sport , traveling ,meeting new friend , involve with NGO , anything but not just sitting in the room....and crying for the whole day . It waste ur tears girls and the thing that ur crying it not worth for u.
5. mostly of the girls that involve with love or felt that love is on air not love their body (its that ok if i said that - sorry if ur hurts for hearing this ) . especially for muslims girls ,When their fall in love their think that the man will marry them so if them ask their "precious thing " they just gave that away ....GIRL wake up . . . if something bad happens , where u will put urself . One of my roomate junior asking my roomate whether she do more that holding hand and with her intonasion like they doing more than holding hand (U know what i mean , right ), u know what my roomate answer " what , holding hand? ive never holding hand with my bofriend , its sins " the person who asking with no expression in her faces and said " really , mmmm...." _ SO moral of the story " GIRL PREPARE YOURSELF , LOVE IS PURE BUT NOT THE HUMAN
4. U live for GOD
5.whatever pun , friend is still friend. . . .try to read " my best friend girl " . it just inspired me ......i dont think that u want to show to other that u re so menyedihkan . So show the real you . : )
4. May u will read this and saying that , im just CAKAP JER PANDAI CUBE KENA KAT BATANG HIDUNG , either im really experience it or not , that not important thing but how overcome this problem
k hve nice day :)_

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