Monday, July 21, 2008

involving with married man

1.Ask yourself , whether u are ready with that kind of relationship . If yes , stop with ur reading and go . but if yes , better you read this guide .The decision is in your hand , what ever others people saying but how bad or good that relationship , u still will with him.
2.Investigate him , in all aspect , finacial especially(sometimes i felt that im materialistics , haiya ) thus because if he married with u , did he really can responsible to you and her first wife . But whatever , if u in love right now you will ingnoring this statement .
3. Think like this , what happend if u are in her first wife places . What are u feeling when your husband are asking to married again to the woman that younger from you .What will happens to you and your daugther / son in future . And yet just imagine that you were fulltime housewife .
4. once u marry to them , u will burden with responsibility as a mother . Did u ready for that ? if yes , its goods , Caiyok . Because when u married him you also married with his family . Don't ever forget that responsibility . U must raise them like your own son/daughter .
5.mmmm...once he can married u and leave her wife behind , its not imposible that he can do the same to you . If he can have second , he also can have the third and the forth : )
6. A lot of the excuse that can given by the man when we as a woman want the commitment . Some say that wait until the right moment for him divorce , but without u realise ur wasting ur times. Ive got a frien who waiting his boyfriend (married man ) for over 7 years . and lastly he still not marry my friend .
have a nice days : )

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